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Instructions for buying stock:

  1. Read the Offering Summary Sheet below.

  2. Read the Prospectus
    Click here to download the prospectus, or  pick up a printed copy at the store
    1121 Water Street in Port Townsend (map)

  3. Send a signed Subscription Agreement 
    Click here to download the subscription agreement. Then sign and send with a check or other deposit in U.S. currency endorsed to
    686 Roosevelt St   
    Port Townsend, WA 98368

For questions contact sales people 
- Peter Quinn (360) 379-4693
- Marty Gay (360) 808-1478
- Tim Whyte  (858) 688-8088
- Steve Moore (360) 774-1160
- Michelle Sandoval (360) 981-6562


Quimper Mercantile Company, Inc

Issuer: Quimper Mercantile Company, Inc, (QMC) a Washington State Corporation.

Use of Proceeds: Quimper Mercantile Company will operate a retail general store in Port Townsend. The store will supply a broad selection of general merchandise. The Company plans to lease a storefront in Port Townsend, outfit it with the necessary equipment, hire staff, and buy inventory. Proceeds will be used for purchase or lease of fixtures and equipment, and for tenant improvements, inventory, and operating expenses for the initial operating period.

Maximum Approved Issuance: Up to 9,500 Shares of Common Stock at a price of $100 per share ($950,000 in total shares available).

Maximum Investment and Investor Limitations: No individual may purchase more than 500 shares.  All purchasers must be Washington State residents. No subsequent resale may result in ownership by any individual of more than 10% of total shares outstanding.

Class of Shares: The Company will issue only one class of Common Stock in this public offering period. No public trading market currently exists to sell shares of our common stock. We can provide no assurance that one will ever exist in the future. If you purchase shares, you may be unable to resell them in order to recover your investment or any part of it.

Offering Price Arbitrary: The offering price of $100 per share bears no relationship to established value criteria such as net tangible assets, or a multiple of earnings per share and accordingly should not be considered an indication of the actual value of the Company.

Impound Requirement: All funds accepted during the offering period will be held in escrow under arrangement with Kitsap Bank in Port Townsend until at least $425,000 has been deposited and the Securities Division of the state Department of Financial Institutions has given written permission to release the funds.. If the company fails to raise the minimum amount of $425,000 by May 1, 2012, all investments deposited in the impound account will be refunded, and interest less expenses of escrow will be paid to investors on a pro-rata basis.

Instructions for Investors: Prior to investing, all investors should review the complete offering circular (Form U7 SCOR).  Click here to download the prospectus >

Moving Forward: To invest, you will sign a Subscription Agreement (click to download) and provide a check or other deposit in U.S. currency to an authorized QMC sales person.  
Sales office is located at Quimper Mercantile Co. 1121 Water Street,   Port Townsend, WA   98368      (360)385-9595

This does not constitute an offer to sell securities or a solicitation of an offer to buy securities. Offers are made by offering circular only. Prospective investors are encouraged to read the entire SCOR offering circular prior to investing. There are risks associated with an investment in the company and you should not invest unless you can afford the loss of your entire investment.